Daily service to Athlone AIT

Pick up /Drop Off Mornings Evenings Friday
Longford at Durkin’s Bus Stop 07.40am 06.55pm 04.55pm
Kenagh at O’Boyles Shop 07.55am 06.40pm 04.40pm
Ballymahon at Diffley’s 08.05am 06.30pm 04.30pm
AIT 08.40am 06.05pm 04.05pm
Connaught St. beside Dooley’s Flower Shop 08.50am 05.50pm 03.50pm

Longford to Ballymahon Secondary Schools

Pick up /Drop Off Mornings Evenings
Durkins Longford 08.20am 04.35pm
Stonepark 08.30am 04.25pm
McGiffs Crossroads 08.40am 04.15pm
Kenagh 08.45am 04.10pm
Ballymahon Secondary Schools 08.50am 04.05pm