Bus Services – Weather Alerts

Weather Alerts – Wednesday (afternoon) 28th Feb 2018

The adverse weather has finally arrived in the midlands. All of our bus services are running on schedule at the moment (Wed 28th) however a Red Weather Warning has been announced for all of Leinster. That means Primary and Secondary schools will not be opening on Thurs 1st and Fri 2nd March.

Stay safe, build a snowman & drink hot chocolate !


Individual Bus Service updates for Thurs 1st and Fri 2nd March 2018

  • Primary and Secondary Schools – all schools will remain closed Thurs and Fri
  • AIT Bus Service – is cancelled Thurs and Fri
  • FAS – all routes are cancelled Thurs and Fri
  • Rural Link – we are advised to use our drivers discretion on Thurs and Fri as to whether routes are safe and passable, or not. Updates here as we receive them

Thank you for your co-operation.